Since 1993, feeder calves have been marketed through the sales agency for feeder calves. Four sales methods are possible through the agency:

  • Special auctions dedicated exclusively to the sale of feeder calves.
  • Weekly auctions including the sale of all types of cattle.
  • Supervised sales by a PBQ-accredited agent who determines and carries out the conditions of transactions between sellers and buyers, without the calves having to go through the agent’s physical facilities.
  • Direct sales between a producer and a buyer, including sales through a broker.

Special auctions are reserved only for feeder calves and are grouped within one sales circuit: the Quebec Specialized Feeder Calf Auctions Circuit. This circuit is organized to facilitate access for feeders and brokers.

It is coordinated by the agency and reserved for feeder calves vaccinated in accordance with the PBQ Vaccination Protocol. Over the past five years, the annual volumes marketed by special auctions were approximately 70 000 heads per year.

The special auction circuit remains the main reference market for the pricing of all feeder calves marketed in Quebec. It is thus a key indicator in determining the market situation. 

For more information on market prices, refer to the Price-Info section.

Did you know?

In recent years, to meet the demand of feeders who now need supply year-round, special auctions have been held in the fall, winter and spring. In 2018, 48% of feeder calves sold at special auctions were offered in winter and 52% in the fall.


Sébastien Vachon,
Chairman of the Marketing Committee for Feeder Calves

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