The marketing of milk-fed calves is characterized by tight management of weekly production volumes, which results in a close match of supply with market demand.

The place and date of slaughter of each milk-fed calf are established as soon as the calf enters the feedlot. This allows orderly and effective marketing.

In 2008, producers adopted an Act for the production and marketing of milk fed veal. They have concluded marketing conventions with milk fed veal buyers. These conventions define responsibilities and obligations of each party. They also establish the method to fix milk fed veal price, the same for all. These conventions do not interfere in the transaction between sellers and buyers which can buy or sell at place they choose.

The members of the pricing round table meet periodically to discuss market trends and make adjustments to the pricing formula based on supply and demand on local and export markets. The meetings seek to obtain a fair and equitable price for all producers of milk-fed calves in Quebec. 

To find out more about market prices, see the Price-Info section.

Pierre-Luc Nadeau,
Chairman of the Marketing Commitee for Milk-Fed Calves

Marketing committee

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