Services for Producers


  • Administration of the Règlement sur la production et la mise en marché des veaux de lait
  • Negociation and application of the Marketing Agreement with buyers
  • Management of the calf housing-spaces program
  • Folow-up on developments in reference markets to keep producers informed

Information to producers

  • Regular update of the information on the Extranet site (e.g.: government assistance programs (group housing), regulations, information and analysis documents)


  • Coordination and supervision of research projects (e.g.: air quality, liquid manure management, detection of heavy calves suffering from pneumonia)
  • Development of management guidance tools for producers (e.g.: production handbook, computerized registers for monitoring quality assurance programs)
  • Support service to producers


  • Member of the Canadian Veal Association which represents and lobbies for veal producers across Canada


The Promotion Department is the exclusive responsible organization for promoting and developing markets for Quebec Milk-Fed veal products and:

  • increases and fosters veal sales and enhances the value of veal products
  • publicizes veal products with distributors, restaurant managers, retailers and consumers
  • provides training on products and cuts
  • develops new veal products in cooperation with the processors
  • prepares advertising and promotional activities and tools such as:
    • mass advertising (La Presse +, bill boards)
    • TV and radio ads
    • food distribution events
    • recipe cards
  • manages and posts content on the Quebec Milk-Fed Veal Facebook page
  • participates in promotional events and ensures the visibility of both sectors through the food trailer


Click here to access the complete list of services to producers from general management.